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Welcome to ReleaseForge

Still releasing your SourceForge projects the tedious way?

ReleaseForge is the answer

ReleaseForge is designed to be an alternative to the SourceForge File Release System (FRS).

ReleaseForge is an open source utility designed for the administrators and release engineers of SourceForge projects. ReleaseForge allows you to easily create new SourceForge project releases and edit existing releases in a quicker and friendlier manner than the usual SourceForge web interface. After using ReleaseForge once, you'll wonder how you ever could've lived without it.

ReleaseForge also integrates Freshmeat project announcement functionality, so SourceForge users that are also Freshmeat users will benefit further.

The more frequently that you release updates to your SourceForge projects, the more you'll be glad that you discovered ReleaseForge... Not convinced yet? You should view a partial list of ReleaseForge users and see what they're saying about ReleaseForge.

What's new?

July 21, 2008

ReleaseForge 1.3 is the latest version which is now compatible with Sourceforge's recent change that replaces the legacy FTP file upload mechanism with similar SFTP capabilities.

ReleaseForge v1.3 requires Paramiko v1.74 or greater for SFTP protocol support. You may also need to install PyCrypto v1.9 or greater to satisfy Paramiko's dependency.

The Windows installer is as a self-contained package which includes Paramiko 1.74, PyCrypto and the usual dependencies.

Note: ReleaseForge will not work with Paramiko versions prior to 1.74 (Paramiko 1.74 adds a variation of my patch submission which adds file progress callbacks to the SFTP send/receive methods).

ReleaseForge is another fine utility from the (sometimes insane) mind of Phil Schwartz.

Please see the FAQ for everything that you ever wanted to know (and more) about ReleaseForge. You can also view some preliminary screenshots.

Need more information?

You can email the author, Phil Schwartz. If you have a general question that you believe would be of interest to other ReleaseForge users then you are encouraged to subscribe to the ReleaseForge users mailing list.

ReleaseForge project status

You can view the current status of ReleaseForge development. You may also wish to view the planned features for upcoming releases.

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