Who uses ReleaseForge?

The following SourceForge users are ReleaseForge users. This list contains information about their open source projects and their comments about ReleaseForge.

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User Project Comments
Phil Schwartz ReleaseForge (and others) [author's own glowing comments suppressed]
Eric Gerbier Webminstats - a webmin module to display historic graphs of system or software parameters

rpmrebuild - a tool to rebuild/customize rpm packages

afick - (another file integrity checker) a fast and portable clone of tripwire
[ReleaseForge] is a very nice tool, which will be very useful for me
Thomas Heller py2exe - a Python distutils extension which converts python scripts into executable windows programs, able to run without requiring a python installation

ctypes - an advanced ffi (Foreign Function Interface) package for Python 2.3 and higher
Fantastic! ... ReleaseForge lets me do a release in less than one minute!
Bharat Mediratta Gallery - The open source web based photo album organizer Gallery releases hundreds of files at a time -- releaseforge makes it possible!
Dietrich Moerman usebb - An Open Source PHP/MySQL forum package. ReleaseForge saves a lot of time releasing new versions of my project.
Chris Ottrey pyre2 - The re2 library provides a hierarchical named groups extension to the standard python re library

pytvgrab - PyTVGrab is an xmltv grabber collection which contains several grabbers written in python that share a common library.
It's comforting to know that someone else know's how frustating sourceforge's file release system is ... it is a shame that [ReleaseForge] is not part of the sourceforge website
Mario Salzer ewiki+ - a non-intrusive Wiki engine in PHP with over 200 extension plugins Many thanks for ReleaseForge! ... it made sourceforge so much less annoying to use.
Nigel McNie GeSHi - a PHP script for syntax highlighting for any language Thanks for ReleaseForge!
Mike Foord rest2web - a Python tool for autogenerating and maintaining websites

Guestbook - A guestbook script for websites, written in Python
ReleaseForge makes new releases about 100 times easier than through the sourceforge web interface.
Luis Marks Linux KernelBR - Compilation of linux kernels with many improvements and new functionality Great job with the ReleaseForge project ... congratulations for the excellent work
Markus Kalkbrenner prokyon3 - prokyon3 is a multithreaded music manager and tag editor for Unix Thanks to releaseforge some parts of the prokyon3 release process are easier now.
Fabio Zadrozny Pydev - a python plugin for Eclipse. ... ReleaseForge really rocks!
Uche Ogbuji 4Suite - an open-source platform for XML and RDF processing If you've ever maintained a project on SF, you'll know that making a release through the Web forms is a very tedious experience. ReleaseForge is a Python/QT GUI that makes the process easier. Much easier. Normally SF release for 4Suite takes me a half hour or so. With ReleaseForge it was a matter of five minutes.
Armin Bauer OpenSync - a generic synchronization framework with plugins for several devices, applications and protocols Sourceforge's file release system is finally usable again! Thanks [to ReleaseForge]!
Sebastian Trueg k3b - CD/DVD Kreator for KDE You have created a really great tool.
Ralf Becker eGroupWare - is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite it's awesome!
Roman Yakovenko pygccxml - reads a generated file and provides simple framework to navigate C++ declarations using python classes After using [ReleaseForge] I asked myself the question - why is the SourceForge interface to users ( projects admins ) so complicated, why don't we have small standalone programs that will help administrating projects? You are doing a great and useful job.