ReleaseForge development status

July 21, 2008

Released version 1.3 which adds support for sftp and deprecates support for ftp. Paramiko v1.74 or greater is required.

July 4, 2006

  • uploading release notes and change log now attempts to use tempfiles to transmit the data as multipart encodings rather than inline text (if unable to create the temp files ReleaseForge will fallback to the old mechanism). This should allow encoded entities (such as the ampersand) to be transmitted properly.
  • ReleaseForge will now automatically retry failed https connections

version 1.1:
 *) added re-guess file attributes button
 *) fix: disabled chunking when selecting files to include in a release which caused the
         creation of a release to fail with "unable to set file attributes" message.

version 1.0:
 *) added pref: auto login - provides the same functionality as the --auto command
	line argument (if set to Enabled).
 *) added command line arg --noauto which disables the auto login regardless of
        the auto login preference setting and --auto command line.
 *) added ability to truncate Sourceforge responses - based on patch submission by
	Bharat Mediratta.  When retrieving data for specific SF pages, the response
        is chunked, as soon as the necessary information is found, no additional
        data is fetched.  This can save significant bandwidth especially when 
	releasing a large number of files.  

version 9.9.9d:
 *) fixed bug: send email menu option not enabled 

version 0.9.9c:
 *) fixed Windows exectuable version - now includes encodings.ascii
 *) fixed bug when saving preferences when a project has not been selected yet

version 0.9.9:
 *) added some additional processor mapping types.  Thanks to Danny Kukawka for the patch.
 *) incorporated patch from Paul Mangan that addressed the PyQt 3.15 API change for 
    the QFileDialog.getOpenFileName method)
 *) PyQt 3.15 bug fix for cpuCombo.setCurrentItem
 *) added cpu mappings for i586 and x86_64 (thanks to Stefan Gerlach for the patch)

version 0.9.8:
 *) fixed incompatibility issue with recent changes made to SF's website in terms of 
    retrieving packages (again).
 *) package info is unavailable if you do not have atleast release tech permissions for
    a given project.
 *) admins with release tech only permissions will not be able to create/modify packages
    which is consistent with SF functionality.
 *) tweaked project fetching regex to optionally check for /my/ string.

version 0.9.7:
 *) fixed incompatibility issue with changes made to SF's website in terms of retrieving 

version 0.9.6:
 *) socket.setdefaulttimeout is no longer set when using python2.4 due to bug:

version 0.9.5:
 *) /my/myprojects.php is now parsed to obtain project info at login rather
    that obtaining this info from the login page.  This should improve
    any reliability problems of obtaining project data.

version 0.9.4:
 *) modified several dialogs to accept unicode (utf-8) input from user
 *) added utility module for converting from_utf8 and to_utf8 strings

version 0.9.3
 *) bug fix: freshmeat setup dialog now allows more than one freshmeat project to point to a 
    single sourceforge project:
 *) added freshmeat project selection dialog in the event that several freshmeat projects
    map to more than one sourceforge project
 *) caption of freshmeat release dialog now indicates the project name
 *) Freshmeat release "ok" button is disabled after it is clicked. 
 *) logger.ini no longer outputs to releaseforge.log by default (only stdout)
 *) fixed bug: editing freshmeat settings now takes effect immediately
 *) fixed bug: ftp upload progress was out-of-sync with displayed file name
 *) fixed bug: if unable to guess cpu type, an error occurred.
 *) fixed bug: if file u/led was not unique per project then it is considered a SF warning and
    ReleaseForge will report this problem.  Previously, the app failed to recover properly.

version 0.9.2
 *) renamed -> releaseforge
 *) renamed modules directory -> ReleaseForge
 *) ReleaseForge site-packages directory is now ReleaseForge rather than releaseforge/modules
 *) debugging info is now disabled by default, use --debug flag to re-enable (especially in the 
    event of reporting bugs)
 *) added --debug and --verbose flags

version 0.9.1
 *) ReleaseForge now attempts to "guess" the SourceForge CPU (Processor) type of each
    file added to a release based on it's filename.  eg. foo.i386.rpm -> i386 
 *) Added "Edit Release Status" functionality to the "Actions" menu which allows
    the user to batch-update release status (hidden / active)
 *) added context menu (right-click) to the main window's projects & packages (listviews)
 *) checks for windows homedrive & homepath environment variables on startup if $HOME
    is not found.

July 13, 2005

Released version 0.9.0. This version includes the ability for ReleaseForge users to email announcements directly from the application. Additionally, a new command line flag --auto has been added which allows users to automatically login to SourceForge and Freshmeat as neccessary (without being prompted).

May 19, 2005

Released version 0.7.1. This version is a minor bug fix release which contains a fix for formatting issues of SourceForge project news submissions. Additionally, ReleaseForge auto-generated UI (PyQt) code has been re-generated using pyuic v3.14. Users using PyQt 3.14 should now be able to use ReleaseForge without seeing any QSizePolicy exceptions.

Apr 09, 2005

Finalized ReleaseForge version 0.7. This version allows users to submit SourceForge news announcements for their projects.

Apr 01, 2005

Working on maintenance release 0.6.1 which fixes some minor bugs.

Mar 29, 2005

Released version 0.6 of ReleaseForge.

Mar 20, 2005

Began work on version 0.6. ReleaseForge v0.6 will allow users to edit an existing release.

Mar 19, 2005

The initial public release of ReleaseForge, version 0.5, was released today.

March 8, 2005

Ported ReleaseForge to be compatible with Python 2.3 or greater. Previously, ReleaseForge required Python 2.4.
Uploaded some preliminary screenshots of ReleaseForge.

March 7, 2005

The backend code is complete and tested. ReleaseForge can now successfully create a new release on SourceForge including release notes, change log, upload files, select uploaded files for inclusion, configure each file (file types and architecture) and notify monitoring users of the new release. Currently, working on some UI enhancements. First launch still scheduled for mid-March 2005.

March 1, 2005:

ReleaseForge is under development. The first public release is tentatively scheduled for mid-March, 2005. It is nearing feature completeness for the initial release. Please check back soon, you'll be glad you did.

February 28, 2005:

Registered ReleaseForge with SourceForge. Initial launch of this website.

February 1, 2005:

Begin development work on ReleaseForge