ReleaseForge is developed by Phil Schwartz and licensed under the GPL.

I've been an open source developer for several years. My first truly useful project (based on user feedback) that I developed was Kodos which is hosted on SourceForge. I've always liked SourceForge, they provide lots of great tools for project administrators, however the one area that I have always found lacking is their file release functionality. I don't fault the folks at SourceForge for this, since this functionality, in my opinion, doesn't translate well to the web.

As I created more file releases for Kodos and other projects, I had always wished there was a better way. I'm not sure when the idea of ReleaseForge came to me (perhaps it was while drinking a tasty JW Dundee's Honey Brown), but it's certainly something that's been in the back-of-my-mind for some time. Sadly, Honey Brown is not available in California (where I currently live), so rather than fill my belly with it's deliciousness, a few brain cells have survived long enough for me to begin work on ReleaseForge.

After finally installing Python 2.4, I began to tinker with the concept. With Python 2.4's beefed up httplib and urllib modules, ReleaseForge quickly went from concept to project. ReleaseForge v0.5 marks the first public release of this project. Hopefully, as a fellow SourceForge project admin/release tech, you will find it useful as well.

You can send me your comments. Also, feel free to smuggle a 6-pack of JW Dundees Honey Brown into California for my consumption. MMMMmmmmm beer.